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Sunday, April 16, 2006

F I S H I N G in troubled waters

F I S H I N G in troubled waters
F I S H I N G in troubled waters,
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The river Cauveri splits into two near Trichy. One arm of it, the Collidam, travels northwards to empty at the Bay of Bengal not far from Chidambaram.

My route to Kumbakkonam took me near the Kollidam, where I saw this old man fishing. I told myself that this was exactly the kind of thing Claude Renault, a fellow Flickrite would look for. And though I was running late, I stopped and clicked 4-5 shots. And then I went and showed it to the man who was delighted and surprised to see somebody would shoot him, and more specifically show it to him immediately. He still hadn’t come to terms with photography, let alone Digital photography.

I have 1000 other stories like this from my trip yesterday. Eventually, I think, I will put them all down.


Anonymous Shalini said...

Your very own Arabian Nights - Thousand and One Stories. You're doing a fabulous job of this. Looking forward to all the stories.

1:54 AM


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